I am a third-year doctoral student in Organizational Behavior at the Foster School of Business. My research interests include employee well-being, physical activity, work-life balance, and mindsets (i.e., lay beliefs). My research has been greatly informed and inspired by my professional managerial experience in the finance and staffing industries. I seek to contribute to existing knowledge on how organizations can promote the well-being of their employees, and how employees can sustainably perform at their best.



  • Leavitt, K., Barnes, C. M., Watkins, T., & Wagner, D. T. (in press). From the bedroom to the office: Workplace spillover effects of sexual activity at home. Journal of Management.

Selected Working Manuscripts

  • Watkins, T., Fehr, R., & He, W. Whatever it takes: Leader beliefs of abusive supervision instrumentality
  • Watkins, T., Barnes, C. M., & Gupta, A. Amusing or offensive? Political ideology as the context for humor in organizations
  • Watkins, T., & Umphress, E, E. Strong body, strong mind: Physical activity buffers interpersonal injustice
  • Watkins, T. Running, jumping, and climbing the corporate ladder: Signals of physical activity boost perceptions of industriousness and morality
  • Krishnan, S., Watkins, T. & Barnes, C. M. Electronic warfare: A sleep and self-control model of cyber incivility
  • Leavitt, K., Barnes, C. M., & Watkins, T. An identity perspective on workplace romances
  • Kouchaki, M., Watkins, T., & Barnes, C. M. Implicit beliefs of sleep instrumentality


Current Courses

  • MGMT 300: Leadership and Organizational Behavior